A new approach to developing self-confidence

Confidence is regarded to be one of the most crucial features of personality of successful people. Undeniably, confidence is extremely important for entrepreneurs. At least, this is what almost everyone believes. Almost everyone, because there are some people who do not agree with the significance of confidence and some people even do not believe there is such a feature as self-confidence in the first place. If you feel you are lacking self-confidence, you might find the approach discussed in this article useful.

Are you confident about your confidence?

Some people indeed feel pretty confident about themselves and it appears in a very natural way. It seems like there is nothing impossible for them and they never doubt their own abilities and self-worth. Yet, you are certainly aware of many individuals who are suffering from severe lack of confidence which might limit their progress in private life as well as their professional life rather intensely.

There are many recommendations which are supposed to help people gain self-confidence and start acting without unnecessary concerns or anxiety. Even though they might seem sensible to some degree, there are people who doubt in their efficiency.

What is wrong with confidence?

According to some psychologists and philosophers, confidence can also be defined as a belief in oneself. This makes sense since we can even use a synonym of self-belief while describing self-confidence. Yet, with a belief comes a limitation. A person can either believe in something or not. There is no way of believing just a bit or almost completely. Even if such a feeling occurs in an individual, this is more a belief into some limited vision rather than a limited belief into a full vision.

At the same time, belief can be lost and regained. If something does not work the way a person wants, one can easily feel the confidence fading away. Then, in order to regain confidence, some work is required either through looking for evidence of your success in the past, getting praise from your family or friends or referring to affirmations which are supposed to make you believe into something subconsciously. Even though it seems absolutely logical, such an approach does not have real practical value. Just like a belief requiring constant proofs can hardly be called genuine, confidence is hardly real if it can be lost.

What is an alternative to confidence?

Undeniably, resigning from pursuing the feeling of self-confidence is not enough for becoming successful. Fortunately, it is also not about making one feel doomed about the future knowing there is no practical sense in being self-confident. There is an alternative approach which might help you bring more successes into your life without making yourself believe into something you simply cannot believe.

An alternative option is changing confidence into knowledge. Of course, one will tell you to know something, it should also be proved first. Still, here comes a psychological trick of knowledge.

Just imagine you want to go to a nearby bakery for donuts. How confident are you of being able to buy them? In all likelihood, you will find such a question funny while speaking about such matters. Who does need confidence when it comes to buying donuts? Yet, if you think about that thoroughly you are probably confident unless you are going out at the hour when the bakery might already be closed or donuts might be sold out.

Still, what is happening is just you knowing you are going to buy donuts. You are certainly not busy with making yourself believe into your success. Even though there is a probability you will not do it, the chances are you are not especially worried about that. You will just go to another bakery this time or get something different for your dessert. Moreover, it might be that today is finally the day you are starting to cut off the amount of sugary foods you are consuming.

The idea of substituting your confidence or belief with knowledge is in an adverse practice. Instead of increasing your own importance by boosting your confidence and automatically increasing the importance of the events you need this competence for achieving, you are focusing on decreasing the importance such events. No matter whether it is a job interview, a date with a person of your dreams or an unpleasant conversation waiting for you, your task is to see the world will not end if you fail no matter how important it might seem to you. There are many other ways to get your dessert which you might not know right now, however, if you stop holding the importance of an event, you are more likely to deal with it successfully without any confidence.