Franchising ideas for small businesses

Franchising is a wonderful opportunity for people to check the possibilities of a business without large investments. If you are willing to try franchise but would like to start with a small business, this article will provide you with a variety of great ideas for such a business. Choose what you are interested in and it will be easy for you to pick a real company offering franchising in the sector of your interest.

A dry cleaning business for carpets and furniture

While this might sound a bit strange to you if you have never used services offered by such companies, you should know they are actually quite in demand. The greatest part of this business that people are looking for such services regardless of the financial situation.

When everything is going fine, people reach out for such services as it is easier to use assistance for cleaning rather than do it on your own. Sometimes it might even not be possible to clean your furniture or carpets without anyone’s help. At the same time, when there are financial crises, people tend to prefer to take care of what they already have rather than invest into new carpets or furniture.

Furthermore, dry cleaning services are very much needed for other businesses. Offices, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and many other places also have to be cleaned on a regular basis, so such a business actually has a lot of potential customers.

Your franchiser will teach you about various cleaning technologies, provide you with information on accountancy and law regarding the business and will help you to set advertising.

From your side, you will have to make an investment into equipment and renting a place. This is the initial expenses while with the growth of your business you might be willing to employ a couple of people to help you with cleaning tasks.

Note that this is a very easy way to build your own business and you will be able to start generate real income even in three months after initial investment.

Travel agency

Another idea of franchising is opening a travel agency. This absolutely makes sense since there are still more people who prefer purchasing a complete tour than to travel on one’s own. Yet, the rivalry on the market is pretty high that is why it is easier to get into such a business with the help of a franchiser.

If this is what you would like to do, you can count on the support of a franchiser for education, preparation of your office and advertising. In addition to it, you will get access to the software that is crucial for making the service possible as well as the company’s call service.

All of it certainly makes it easier for you to start your business, however you should be aware of the fact your income will be very much connected to the season. You should also be very careful about the city where you would like to establish your travel agency as such services are more popular in large cities.

If everything goes well, you will be able to earn the equivalent of the invested money in nearly eleven months.

Educational centre for children

In many countries people are especially concerned about the development of the children and they are eager to pay extra money to let their kids to learn even after school. Some families are ready to invest in their kids even 50% of their monthly income and this is certainly a great idea for generating your income.

If you are willing to build such an educational centre for children in the shortest possible time and start earning money really quickly, you can facilitate the options offered by franchisers. Actually, you do not even have to have any knowledge on the subject you would like to teach kids about. Your task is organising the process while your franchiser will help you to find professional teachers whether they have to specialise in foreign languages or programming.

Your franchiser will give you access to the centralised web site and all of the necessary licences and teaching methodologies.

Note that this form of franchising is a particularly great idea for business-oriented mothers who can easily combine their entrepreneurship with motherhood as kids can take part in the classes with everyone.

The amount of time you will need to fill your budget with the amount of money spent on the initial investment is around six months.