Dangerous believes about wealth: money cannot be earned in an honest way

If you are one of the people working hard and still suffering from too low income, you should think carefully about your attitude to money. There are a couple of extremely popular believes common in the majority of modern societies which actually make people be rather negative about money and wealth. Needless to say, this can be disturbing in your professional life not allowing you to reach your full potential.

One of such believes is that one cannot earn a lot of money being an honest person. Let’s see why you should not hold on to any such belief.

What is exactly the belief about?

Well, everything is as simple as it is stated in the title of this article. If you are an honest person, you just cannot earn a lot of money. As simple as that.

According to the belief, honest industrious people with a high moral profile will die working hard without earning anything capable of improving their financial situation. That is why those people who cannot live with such a state of affair have to commit various crimes, that sometimes can reach rather appalling deeds.

Why do we believe in such things?

Certainly, there are many real-life examples of exactly such people who are ready to commit various crimes including murder in order to become wealthy. In addition to it, there are so many hard-working people who cannot do anything about changing their financial situation.

These two factors combined make us think there is indeed no way to become wealthy if you are an honest person no matter how hard you are going to work.

Do you really have to be such a bad person to become wealthy?

Even though there are so many examples that can be regarded as the proves of this statement, this is fortunately not true.

One of the major problems of hard-working people is their readiness to work hard. Usually, this means such people can earn more only by exceeding the hours they are spending on their work and this certainly cannot be done infinitely. There is always a moment when a person just cannot overcome a certain threshold and the income stops growing no matter how hard she or he is working.

In addition to it, there are so many occupations that simply do not give specialists opportunities for promotion just because of the nature of the work itself. This can be done only if a person is ready to change something about his or her life getting out of one’s comfort zone. Of course, we are not speaking about working hard in this case as we assume we are speaking about particularly industrious individuals. It is more about searching for new possibilities that might be connected to certain risks.

For example, a person living in a small time working hard at some local factory might have already achieved the career limit for this certain qualification. Now, if he or she wants to keep on doing the same job and earn more, this person has to look for other opportunities, for example moving to another city or even country or changing the qualification at all. This is absolutely normal and it is not connected to any honesty or dishonesty.

Better life requires constant development, but if you see the resources of the company you are working for are limited, there is no sense in waiting for a miracle.

Why should you drop such a belief?

Now you are supposed to be aware of the harm of such a belief. It is really dangerous to put yourself into the box depriving oneself from the opportunities for professional growth. At the same time, you are generating a negative attitude toward people who absolutely do not deserve it.