Harmful believes about wealth: money does not bring happiness

There are a variety of popular believes about money some of which seem to be pretty plausible, however, they can impact your own relationship with money harmful if you take them too close. No matter how much true they might be, if you start thinking about them too seriously, they can get into your subconscious mind making it difficult for you to change your financial condition.

One of the most popular believes of this kind is that money cannot bring happiness. Let’s dig more into this popular belief.

What does it exactly mean?

People might have slightly different ways of interpretation of this statement. One of the most common is that the things that are the most important in our lives such as love, family, friendship or even satisfaction from work cannot be purchased with money. Others interpret it in the way that wealth is negatively changing people making them thus greedy that they can never be satisfied with their lives and are suffering from wanting more and more. In addition to it, they cannot have happiness in the things which are available to ordinary people.

No matter what is the meaning, it is certainly nothing good.

Why do we believe in something like this?

It is quite possible, that like many other negative statements about money, this one also helped people to cope with a rather difficult financial situation in the past where there were slaves who hardly could change anything about their lives. Indeed, for them believing in the negativity of being wealthy was probably the only available copying mechanism.

This belief was certainly spread by the major world religions making people even more sure that being financial deprived is better than wealthy no matter how absurd it might seem.

What is happening in the reality?

There are certainly some implications of being a wealthy person, although everything depends on a particular situation and certainly cannot be generalised with such a statement.

For instance, wealthy people might be more careful about getting into relationships, as they might be worried of the interest of another person being based exclusively on their attractive financial status. This can be rather disturbing for some of them, although it is not necessarily the same for everyone.

There might also be some truth in the fact that people of a rather poor financial condition might get more excitement out of things wealthy people can easily afford.

At the same time, there are enough reasons for poor people to be unhappy and wealthy people to be happy. The very first thing is that money is giving an opportunity to fulfil the very basic physiological needs of a person. If a person hits a real rock-bottom, it does not matter how much of an optimist he or she is since suffering from starvation does not make us perceptive to any positive events surrounding us.

Besides being free from such sufferings, rich people, especially the ones who have actually earned their money themselves, are also more prone to feeling self-confidence which can also add up to their general happiness.

Why should you not hold such a belief?

Even though there is some truth in this belief, it will certainly not help you in any way. Feeling that money will never bring you happiness is helpful for those who are too focused on their material condition, however, they just do not believe in such things or do not think about them in the first place.

Such believes can make you pretty passive about your personal situation and not let you work on your ambitions.